Tonight a guy told me to check out Michael Pickett

I was out for a harmonica walk tonight and three cool things happened to me.  First, I ran into my neighbors and got to have a nice neighborly chat.  That’s always nice.  I like my neighbors.  Second, someone yelled out a “Thank you!” from their window as I passed by tonight.  That makes me feel good.  And third, a guy ran out from his house and stopped me to talk.  His name is Sheldon and he says he used to walk around playing the harmonica.  I love meeting other harp players.  It’s like finding someone else is also a part of the secret society of harp blowers.  Suddenly you feel a connection with them.  Anyway, Sheldon asked if I had ever heard of Mike Pickett, to which I replied, “no.”  After some emphatic recommendations for Mr. Pickett, Sheldon gave me some advice on bending and bade me play him some blues as I walked away, to which I happily obliged.  Sheldon (and his friend Mark) made my night tonight.  And when I got home from my walk I looked up Michael Pickett and was more than pleasantly surprised!

Here’s a video of Michael playing at the Silver Dollar Room in Toronto.  He plays a song that really draws you into it.  I love his technique!  His bends make his songs incredibly emotive and his hand action gives his sound the flexibility of the human voice.  I really dig the way he sprinkles syncopated rhythms in amongst the 12 bar blues.  It gives his songs a driving quality that makes me smile and tap my heel.  I’m excited I ran into Sheldon (and his friends Mark) tonight and I am thrilled to have learned of another great Toronto harmonicist!

Now sit back and have a listen to some awesome blues harp.  Enjoy!


Image credit goes to Flickr user, B Stahls.  Thanks, B!  Great photo!

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I'm a woodworker by day and a musician by night, a blogger on the weekends and an artist when I can find the time.

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