Harp Links

Musicians and Friends:

The Best You Ever Heard – A music blog by a guy with great taste in blues, roots and bluegrass
Juzzie Smith – Harp player and street-performing one-man-band phenom
Yuri Lane – Beatbox harmonica player with fantastic taste in hats


Harmonica Club
Harmonica Boogie
Dirty-South Blues Harp Forum
Harp-L (Mailing list forum)
Slidemeister (Diatonic Section)


Pat Missin.com – Covers history as well as technical aspects. Has a nice FAQ and an interesting uncommon questions section.
Overblow.com – Detailed reference on the overblow technique.
Diatonic Harmonica Reference – Large reference on the diatonic harmonica techniques and theory.



  1. Jamie Bassett

    I stumbled on to your blog and enjoyed the format very much.
    I was the bass player at the end of Texas Storm and then along with Jimmie Vaughn, Denny Freeman, and Doyle Bramhall I moved to Austin to start STORM. I have open for or played with a lot of the blues greats.
    I play the Harp now and there is a CD on CDBABY of my original songs called HILLBILLY HIPPIES. This CD has some Harp but is mostly Texas 60’s music style.
    I am working on another project that will feature my harp playing more.
    -Jamie Bassett

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