Today It’s About Art

This morning I started to take my usual journey through the recordings and YouTube videos of harmonica players but decided instead to write a post about the harmonica in visual art, particularly painting. I keep a folder of images I come across that tickle my art fancy, but as I delved deeper into the galleries of painters throughout the internet, I found some new favorites this morning. I suppose I needn’t say much more… enjoy the art and let me know which is your favorite!

“He stood up suddenly, raised his harmonica to his mouth, and began to play” - Ezra Jack Keats

"Harmonica Stevie" - Simone Frank

"Harmonica Blues" - Paul Sachtleben

"Harmonica Player" - Paul Sachtleben

"Bluesman Harmonica" - Adam Perez

"Blues Harp" - Lisa Weedn

"Harmonica Blues" - Lee Goodall

"Harmonica with Sheet Music" - Paul Groat II

"Shiny Sandwich" - Unknown

"Campfire (Blue Harmonica)" - Duane Bryers

"Harmonica Player" - Phil Goodrich

"Blues Duo" - Phil Goodrich

"Man Playing the Harmonica" - Suset Maakal

"Thomas Esparza" - Melissa B. Marrow

"King Biscuit" - Melissa B. Morrow

"Harmonica Player" - Lucio Ranucci

"Harmonica" - William Brooks Anderson

"The Harmonica's Band" - Craig Houghton

"Me and My Harmonica" - Ansel Essic Melvin Butler

"Toots Thielmans" - Peter Engels

"Man with a Harmonica" - Derek Dohren

"Blues Harp" - Jean Mason

"Harmonica" - Amanda Bennett

About Parker

I'm a woodworker by day and a musician by night, a blogger on the weekends and an artist when I can find the time.


  1. lamontjackpearley

    Very Groovy!!!

  2. Russ

    All of them are excellent.. Here is one more that you might seen. My wife found this and gave it to me framed for my birthday two years ago. I love it..

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  5. Nice collection of work! Thanks for the acknowledgement!

    Ansel Butler

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