Our Lady of the Harp

I have been catching Christelle Burthon’s YouTube videos for quite some time now and thought I would post one of her improvisations today in conjunction with my previous post on Bobby McFerrin’s advice on improvisation.  Christelle has perhaps the most beautiful tone of any player I follow and really knows how to make a harp tell you a story.  Her technical skills are exceptional and her music is an absolute joy to listen to. Check this improv out and then go have a look at her YouTube videos for more!


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I'm a woodworker by day and a musician by night, a blogger on the weekends and an artist when I can find the time.


  1. Fred Byron

    Oh my!!! What beautiful sounds emanate from the reeds of Christelle Berthon’s Harmonica. Christelle has said of her own style that she “sings” through the reeds; in truth, Christelle serves as a conduit for the musical score which then “sings” through her. Her persona is totally invested in the musical rendition and she is infused with the linear melodic line of the piece. Her vibrato is so, so much at her command and control. Christelle is my favorite Harmonica player of all time. The influence that I can discern in Christelle’s projection of musical renditions is primarily that of a fellow Frenchman (of the past) who was a “busker” violinist by the name of Stephane Grappelli. I hear the glisandos that distinguish the two forms of playing, one on the violin, and one on the Harmonica, and they coalesce into a melodic fusion. Christelle’s musical style touches my very Soul! And most of the posted comments of her listeners and fans write the same with respect to their reactions. Their Souls are animated by Christelle Berthon’s musical “Afflatus.”–
    Fred Byron,
    [Mr. Harmonicist]

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