Pocket Full of Soul in Select Theatres Feb 28th!

That’s right, the harmonica documentary, “Pocket Full of Soul”, is showing in 6 select theatres across the US on February 28th!  Thanks to its fan supporters, the movie has been listed on Tugg, a website which lets users request screenings of films in local theatres.  Six cities answered the call : Skokie, IL, New Haven, CT, Westbrook, ME, Houston, TX, and Austin TX (sorry, PFOS, I’m going to be away in Feb and couldn’t campaign for a screening in Toronto!).   I am tremendously jealous of any of you close enough to catch this movie and I highly encourage you to go see a documentary that promises to be extremely interesting and thoroughly entertaining.  I have been keeping an eye on this film since it first hit gossip circles a few years back and I am still waiting patiently for my chance to see it. I won’t catch it this time, but I have faith that PFOS can get a slot in the Toronto Film Fest and I’ll be first in line for tickets!

Now, you should know that it’s not too late to request a screening in your city!  Go to Tugg, register an account and request the film.  You have to answer a list of questions, such as recommended venues, etc., and then they list the event as “pending.”  Once it’s listed, you have to put the word out and get people to buy tickets through the Tugg website.  Only when enough tickets have been sold will they actually follow through and have the event.  In fact, all of the cities listed right now are pending, so if you are in one of those places or know someone who is, reach out and have them buy tickets!  I’m not affiliated with the movie or with Tugg, but I support this movie because I’ve followed along for years as they put countless hours of efforts into its creation and I really want to see it succeed.  Plus, the more support it gets at this stage in its life, the better my chances of seeing it in a theater near ME.

So, support the harmonica!  Support indie filmmakers!  Support art!  Even if you can’t go, yourself, spread the word and help these screenings sell enough tickets to happen.  Check out the trailer below and then go tell someone about it!

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I'm a woodworker by day and a musician by night, a blogger on the weekends and an artist when I can find the time.

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