Some Beautiful Gospel Harmonica

Today I came across a video of a beautiful celebration that just happened to have some wonderful harmonica music in it.  This is a Going Home celebration for   Shirly Stith, of Tarboro, North Carolina.  A Going Home celebration a type of funereal service where the deceased is celebrated instead of mourned, in the belief that their soul is going home to heaven now.  And Lord, howdy!  Do these folks send Ms. Shirley off in style!  I am a true believer that Gospel music is one of the greatest things America has ever contributed to music and this video is a great example of how the harmonica can fit into that.  It is also, by the way, the best use of the train sound I have heard.  Have a listen to Jimmy Bazemore (on harmonica) and Terry Bazemore (on vocals) deliver a hand-clapping, soul-stirring rendition of “I’m Going Home on the Morning Train.”


*Image credit goes to user Assita K at  Thanks!

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