Pokey LaFarge and the South City Three

You ever hear a song that perks your spirits up and makes you want to hear it again?  And then you find yourself humming it for the next 2 days?  Listening to Pokey LaFarge and the South City Three was like that for me and I’ve just been itching for some free time to sit down and share them with you.  Pokey and his boys seem to have everything going for them – solid backing musicians, a great lead vocalist, an absolutely righteous harmonica player, and even a snazzy look to complete the whole package!  I just can’t get enough of these guys and they’ve made me fall in love with roots music all over again.  You should check out their other music on Myspace.  I will definitely be buying at least one of their albums.

Ah, but I have gotten so excited about the whole band that I’ve neglected to talk about the man on the harp!  Ryan Koenig is one seriously gifted harmonica player.  He dances through riffs on his harmonica like a man possessed and his trills and warbles have all the energy of a Southern Baptist tent revival.  Check him out with Pokey and the gang playing La La Blues.  You’re gonna love this!


About Parker

I'm a woodworker by day and a musician by night, a blogger on the weekends and an artist when I can find the time.

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