Auditioning for Legitimacy

Not long ago I found out that it’s not actually legal to busk in the subway stations in Toronto without a license.  (oops)   And those licenses are limited to 75 a year.  (really?)  And to get one of those 75 you have to audition.  (Hmm)  And the audition is free.  (sweet)

I play in the subway station by my house all the time, but I live on the far East end of the subway line and you either don’t have to be licensed to play out here in the boonies, or they just don’t care.  Plus, I don’t busk for money, just for smiles.

However, busking for money is something I’ve been trying to convince myself to do.  Why not give myself more or a reason?  If I had a permit, not only would I have the chance to play in the busier downtown stations, I would also have had to pay for the permit and would then have motivation to get out there and recoup my money!  Why not live a little?

So, I signed up before I could think my way out of it, figuring it would be good to play in front of people, if nothing else.  I headed down to the tryouts at the CNE (the big fair that’s in town!  Bonus for trying out: free ticket to the fair!) with my wife and a few harmonicas and these are the songs I played.

The first song, Invocational Bach and Such, is played on my Seydel 1847 Classic in C.  The second song, Summertime Soliloquy, is played on my Lee Oskar harmonic minor in B♭.  The third piece, Chugging Some Blues, is played on my Hohner Special 20 in low F.  (What can I say, I’m an equal opportunity player.)

(By the way, sorry for the sideways video!  Hope you still enjoy!)



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I'm a woodworker by day and a musician by night, a blogger on the weekends and an artist when I can find the time.

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