Subway Sandwich Battle

For a few years now, I’ve had my eye on a harp player out of San Francisco by the name of Yuri Lane. Yuri has serious hip hop roots and punctuates his harmonica style with some solid beatboxing skills.  It’s downright captivating, some of the rhythms he’s able to get out of his harp.

So, I’ll put a video of him in my Players Playing gallery later on, but for now I want to share this ingenious little music video short that I recently discovered.  I don’t know the story behind the production, only that Yuri plays the whole soundtrack and got to battle himself in the studio to make this.  It’s a lot of fun.  Check it out and then go check out some more Yuri Lane.

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I'm a woodworker by day and a musician by night, a blogger on the weekends and an artist when I can find the time.

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