Not all harp players blow the blues…

In the course of learning the harmonica, I came across this video one day and it changed my life. I was blown away that you didn’t have to only play the blues on a harmonica! Sure, it seems like a pretty basic idea, but really… how often do you hear classical music played on a harmonica?  Oh, and the pure joy on Buddy Greene’s face as he finishes this amazing number!

After watching this (over and over and over and over) I not only learned this piece, but started playing other classical music and then began composing my own classically-inspired pieces on the fly.  This video redefined my style into something unique and beautiful.  If you’re a harp player, do yourself a favor and learn this group of songs.  Then bust these out walking down the street one day or at a party or in the company of friends and see what kind of reception you get.  It may not be a standing ovation, but it’s guaranteed to brighten someone’s day.


Image credit goes to Flickr user iamweighingmedown.  Thanks!

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I'm a woodworker by day and a musician by night, a blogger on the weekends and an artist when I can find the time.

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